Financials Financial information of the Foundation

With the exception of direct expenses such as bank service charges, postage, stationary and annual registration fees of the Foundation, all donations go directly to the students. All advertising costs and other miscellaneous costs are not paid from the sponsor donations, but are borne by other general donations from supporters of the Foundation.

There are no paid staff in the Foundation. All board members and other supporters are unpaid volunteers.

Expense Breakdown of Last Fiscal Year (April 2016 - March 2017)

Total Expenses$61,032.45100%
Program Expenses
   Payments to Students$59,876.00
   Donation for School Supplies$908.46
   Total Program Expenses$60,784.4699.6%
Administration Expenses
   Bank Service Charges$149.15
   Paypal Charges$98.84
   Total Administration$247.990.4%
Fundraising Expenses$00%

a. Above information has been compiled from the audited financial statements for 2016/2017.
b. Expenses for advertising (calling for applications in Sri Lankan newspapers), printing, photocopying, stationery, postage and registration fees were all paid through special donations. Donar funds were not used for these expenses.