Sri Lanka - Canada Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for a period of two years. The total financial committment for a single scholarship is $360 Canadian dollars (CAD). This may be paid in two annual donations of $180 CAD or in one donation of $360 CAD.

Or you may make a general donation of any amount. General donations are pooled together to sponsor additional scholarships.

A tax receipt for your donation amount will be emailed to you.


Donate online using a credit card. A secure transaction is provided by PayPal.

Cheque Donation

The preferred method of making a donation is by completing and mailing us the Sponsor Form along with a cheque of your donation amount. This helps to keep costs down as PayPal charges a fee for credit card donations.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Donation

Make monthly donations that will be automatically deducted from your Canadian bank account. The donation amount for each scholarship is $15.00 CAD per month for two years. Complete and mail us the Pre-Authorized Donation Form along with a void cheque.