HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who made donations and/or supppoted in numerous ways SLCSF's 2021 - 2023 Scholarship (previous) fundrasing drive.

As usual we are able to help bright Sri Lankan students who are undergoing severe financial difficulties.

Your donations for 2021 - 2023 round were especially valuable due to the severe economic crisis Sri Lanka has been undergoing. For the low-income families, it seems like they are the hardest hit and it has been doubly difficult due to job losses in many of the families applicants come from. News reports say that more than 1/3rd of Sri Lankan children do not receive 3 meals a day these days. My guess is that many of our scholarship applicants belong to this category.

Your contributions made huge differences not only in the lives of students but also in the lives of their families.

Donors like you are our strength and without you SLCSF can not exist and cannot continue to help those very deserving students at this very difficult economic period in Sri Lanka.

Brief note on who we are

SLCSF is run by unpaid volunteers and every penny you donate goes to charitable activities unlike in other charitable organizations where a significant chunk of donations goes to pay staff salaries etc.

In selecting applicants, we advertise countrywide and select most deserving applicants based on their academic performance, per person family income, special situations such as parents being sick or had passed away etc. Those are the only criteria we consider in awarding a scholarship.

Since 1998 we have awarded close to 2,600 scholarships.

We are delighted to let you know that among our past scholars are Doctors, Educators, Engineers, Executives, Lawyers, Nurses and in other occupations making great contributions to society. Without your help this would not have been achieved.

Our mission is to advance education by providing scholarships to financially disadvantaged students in Sri Lanka who demonstrate academic excellence.

98.2% Scholarships and School Supplies

Almost all donations go directly to the students.

1.8% Administration

Bank service charges, printing, postage, etc.

0% Fundraising

We don't use any donations for fundraising expenses.

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All donations are tax deductible, as approved by the Canada Revenue Agency.